French Demonstrative Adjectives(Adjectifs Démonstratifs)

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Demonstrative adjectives communicate the distance between an item in relation to the speaker. In English, it comes in the form of this, these, that and those.

Four forms of French Demonstrative Adjectives


Ce is the singular masculine

Par example:

Ce garçon est jeune. - This boy is young.
J'aime bien ce livre. - I like this book.


Cet is the same as Ce but it is only used when referring to a noun that starts a vowel or a silent h

Par example:

Cet appartement est grand. - That apartment is big.
Super ! Cet homme est très grand. - Wow! This man is very tall.


Ce does not contract. The c in c’est is an indefinite demonstrative pronoun.


Cette is singular feminine

Par example:

Cette femme est belle - That woman is beautiful.
J'utilise cette craie à écrire. - I use this chalk to write.


Ces is plural. This is used for both masculine or feminine nouns.

Par example:

Ces groupes sont super. - These groups are great.
Ces étudiantes sont tard aujourd'hui - Those students are late today.


Singular Plural
Masculine Ce/Cet Ces
Feminine Cette Ces

Specific forms for this and that

One can guess the meaning of a french demonstrative adjective by its context but if you want to be specific, add the suffixes -ci or -là


If you want to stress that the object is here, add a -ci suffix after the noun

Par example:

Je pense que ce ordinateur-ci est très rapide. - I think that this computer is very fast.


If you want to stress that the object is there, add a -là suffix after the noun

Par example:

Je ne veux pas parler à cette femme-là - I do not want to talk to that woman.