My PyconPH 2018 experience

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Pre conference Stephen Speaks in the Passenger’s Seat The day started with a mixup. I was supposed to go with my friends. But due to a flight schedule mixup, I ended up going alone in the morning. I almost got an offer by the flight crew to give up my seat in exchange for a free round trip flight. But someone was quicker than me. Fortunately, the in flight entertainment made up for it.

Lessons from Giving Introductory Python Talks

python mentorship

I have given introductory Python talks and workshops before. But I haven’t taken the time to think about how to keep students interested when a session lasts for many hours.

These are my observations on ways to engage the attention of students in an introductory course.

Django Learning Week - January 30, 2017

python django
The designated role at my current job is being a frontend web developer. However, part of my responsibilities involved collaborating with the backend developers to keep the frontend and backend integration smooth. We are using the Python web framework, Django to run our sites. For my daily tasks, I only need to be familiar with a small subset of Django. However, Django has a lot of features that most developers won’t ever use or need.

Hacker News Stories App using React Native

react react-native

At the beginning of the New Year, the company I work for created a program for its employees to learn Mobile Development. We were given the task of creating a mobile app that displays Hacker News stories in 2 weeks. We were given the freedom to choose the tech stack that we want. I chose React Native since I was already a React Developer. Here are my thoughts on the process of creating the app.